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Four key considerations go into every piece of BFX furniture. Will it inspire the student? Is it safe for the student? Is the furniture easily moved, easily reconfigured and, where appropriate, easily re-purposed? Will it last, and through its contemporary design and build quality provide lasting value?


BFX’s range of bright, engaging education furniture fuels student imagination and motivation. This leverages our research into the biological and psychological impact of colour on learning and the ensuing learning outcomes.


BFX is committed to offering furniture that is safe. Many of their furniture items are independently tested for strength, durability, stability and safety by AFRDI* under the standard AZ/NZS 4610 specific to schools.


BFX furniture can be moved connected changed to suit the modality and purpose of the space. Adjustability of height is important during the growing years, as is ease of re-configuration. Many pieces are designed for more than one use, such as combined seating and storage.


BFX delivers furniture that is built to last. Most products carry a 7-Year Warranty. The agility of the product enables schools to get more value out of each piece, especially the multi-purpose furniture solutions.